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The Man Who Faced The Ocean

Humankind’s history was to some extent written by the will and daring of visionary adventurers who plunged into the darkness of the unknown to discover ways to expand territories and illuminate our spatial awareness of the world.

Men who risked their lives to conquer what they could see beyond the horizon of their intuition. So was the life of João Ribeiro de Barros, a brilliant Brazilian visionary who in the early 20th century believed in the future of aviation as a means to integrate cultures and enlarge economies.

In 1927, with no support from his parents, Barros embarks on an epic adventure. Aboard his legendary aircraft, the Jahú, he to contend with the powers of the day – and their seasoned pilots – to achieve the unthinkable at that time: to become the first aviator to fly nonstop across the South Atlantic.


The Man Who Faced The Ocean


LENGTH: 8 episodes with 26 minutes

Status: In production


José Carlos Lage