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Inside the Cave

IMG Content present a documentary by Sérgio Kieling and José Carlos Lage: INSIDE THE CAVE

There is an inner cave that stores a swarm of images and emotions within the artist’s subconscious. That is what we plan to explore by telling the story of Duda Penteado.


As a Brazilian artist residing for 16 years in the United States, Duda witnessed the coming of the 21st century with the destruction of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 in New York. After a long and productive stay in the city, he feels compelled to return to his origins.

The documentary approaches the theme of discovery and rediscovery of one’s homeland through Dud’s own personal experience. The film also addresses the universe of subconscious memories and their relations with the contemporary world as viewed by a Brazilian fine artist. A film where distance can never be silenced and the need to understand the contemporary world is ever greater.


Inside the Cave


LENGTH: 70 minutes

STATUS: Pre-production


Sérgio Kieling and José Carlos Lage